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2017 Can-Am 500 NASCAR Weekend Renewals will begin early April 2017, so be sure to keep an eye out for them in your mailbox. However, if you have any questions, call 866-408-RACE (7223) and a Phoenix Raceway representative will be happy to assist.


Online Renewal Instructions ::

1. Click here to go to your account website login screen. (This window will remain open to assist you during the renewal process.)
2. Enter your account number. This can be found on the upper right side of your renewal form sent in the mail.
3. Enter your password and click “Login”. If you forgot your password, click the “I’ve forgotten my password” button and follow the instructions on your screen.
4. Click “Update my Personal Information” under “Personal Settings”. Verify your contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses, are correct. If not, update them as needed. Also, verify your billing information and credit card information is correct. Update these if needed as well.
5. Click “Submit” to update your personal information.
6. Click on “View My Renewals” under “Pending Renewal Orders”.
7. Click “Renewal Details” for the renewal request ID number under the Renewal Requests area.
8. Click “Renew Selected Tickets” to begin processing your renewal order.
9. Verify your billing and shipping information, and then click “Purchase Now” to continue.
10. Click “Confirm Order” to complete your renewal order and process your payment.
Once you have submitted your payment and your order is complete, print the confirmation page for your records. Remember, you can call 866-408-RACE (7223) if you encounter any problems. We’re happy to assist with your renewal on the phone.

2017 Can-Am 500 NASCAR Weekend Renewal Timeline ::
Early April  //  2017 Can-Am 500 NASCAR Weekend Renewals Begin
May 11, 2017  //  2017 Can-Am 500 NASCAR Weekend Renewal Deadline
May 24, 2017  //  2017 Can-Am 500 NASCAR Weekend Upgrades
July 31, 2017  //  Deadline To Update Ticket Mailing Address
August 11, 2017  //  Second Payment Due On 50/50 Payment Plan

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