Corporate Village is built to suit your specific needs.

Corporate Village is located just outside of Phoenix International Raceway’s vibrant Midway, where fans can experience interactive displays, concerts and more. With your own chalet , you will benefit from a centralized location to hold a pre-race meet-and-greet, to engage in casual conversation with friends and partners, or to enjoy refreshments to stay energized for a day of NASCAR action. Guests in your group will have exclusive pit access with their Corporate Village pass.

With your inclusion of a showcar or other selected display elements, your chalet in Corporate Village will help your group achieve the decor and message for which you strive.

Packages begin at $75 per person, with a group minimum of 50 and include:

- Tent with sides

- Tables and chairs to accommodate 100% seating

- Identifying company signage

- Linens and turf

- Hospitality passes

- Pre-race pit passes

- Service vehicle parking pass

- Opportunity to decorate your chalet to highlight your company's brand

Catering services are required at an additional cost and must be secured 45 days before the NASCAR event weekend. A grandstand ticket is required for initial admission to Phoenix International Raceway. Please contact the Corporate Sales Team for a menu.

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