For your first time logging in, click here and use your Account Number and Temporary Password provided in your renewal invoice, or email.

Scroll down and accept the terms and conditions to start the renewal process.On your first login, update your password and verify your account information.

To login in the future, use your email and your new password.


To access your renewal, select the to-do list. Scroll down to see your renewal order. To start the renewal process, you will need to select a payment plan. Select pay in full, 50/50, 4-part or monthly payment plan.

You can click the installments link to see the payment plan options and when they’ll be withdrawn from your account.


You will now be able to select your preferred delivery method. Choose standard mail delivery or will call pick-up.

Select order details to view your full seat location information. You can move your seats during the relocation and upgrade period, starting on August 27.

Verify your delivery address is correct before continuing.


Select your payment method and select add credit card and add it to your digital wallet. Fill in your card number, expiration date, name on card and your billing information.

Verify all of the information and then click submit.You can then apply that card to all payments or select a new card for the remaining payments. Once completed, provide your email address and mobile number. This is where you will receive your confirmation.

After reviewing your order, select ‘I agree to terms and conditions’ and submit the order.


The next screen is your renewal confirmation. Your confirmation number is located at the top left and you can scroll down to view your order details and payment breakdown.


Did we forget something? We're here to help, call a Phoenix Raceway Representative today at 866.408.RACE (7223) and we will be happy to assist.