View a step by instructions video HERE or read directions below!

How to access your tickets

  • Download/Open the NASCAR Tracks App

    1. Accept the permission requests.
    2. Select your favorite track.
    3. Visit the ‘Calendar’ tab to LINK ACCOUNT using your email address.
    4. Select ‘Confirm’ to receive your email verification link.
    5. Once your email is confirmed, it will take about 5 minutes for your account to sync to the app.
    6. Refresh the ‘Calendar’ tab to see your tickets!
    • Log in to your MY TICKETS account
      • If this is your first time logging in, please click 'Sign Up' and create your account using the same email address and info you provided during purchase
    • Click on the 'Print Tickets' link on the left sidebar. Click the arrow on the left side of an event to see the ticket inventory for that event.
    • Use the checkboxes to select the tickets you wish to print.
    • Verify the selected ticket and click 'Continue'
    • Verify the information on the Print Tickets screen and click 'Print Tickets'
    • Click 'View' and 'Print Tickets', or you also have the option to download the tickets to your digital wallet
    • A new window should pop up with your printable ticket. Another window should pop up where you can select your printer and print the ticket
    • Log in to your MY TICKETS account
      • If this is your first time logging in, please click 'Sign Up' and create your account using the same email address and info your provided during purchase
    • Once you have accessed the tickets sales page, click on the menu (☰) in the upper right corner
    • Click on 'My Tickets' tile
    • Log in to your account using the same username and password combination used to complete the purchase online (or set up your account)
    • Click the 'View Ticket Inventory' tile at the bottom of the screen
    • Click on the 'Section Row Seat' indicator tile to display the barcode to be scanned for entry
    • Add the ticket to your Apple or digital wallet for easy access when entering the gate


All admission tickets will be delivered via Tickets @ Home. This feature provides fans the flexibility to display tickets on their mobile devices for non-contact entry at the gates or the ability to print tickets at home from a computer and printer. 

Tickets will be available to download and/or print within 2 to 3 weeks of your event.

Below are instructions for accessing your tickets through your mobile device and computer. Please familiarize yourself with these instructions and save your tickets to your mobile device or print them out prior to your arrival to be ready before race day. 

Questions? Call us at 866.408.7223

We have a few tips and tricks to make sure scanning your digital ticket at the gate is quick and easy! 

  • Save your tickets to your phone's digital wallet in advance for easy access at the gate
  • Make sure you have a fully charged battery before you head to Phoenix Raceway
  • Turn up the screen brightness on your phone for easy scanning
  • The full barcode of the ticket needs to be visible on your screen to be scanned for entry
  • Tickets (digital & printed) may not scan if there are any cosmetic damage - this includes, but is not limited to: cracks, scratches, water marks, rips, and more


  • On the left when you login to your MPV account you will see additional features you may access Print and Forward and recall tickets
  • Print allows you to print a PDF of the ticket
  • Forward allows you to forward the ticket digitally to another person (you must first perform the ‘print’ step in order to be able to use the ‘forward’ feature)
  • Recall allows you to recall tickets previously forwarded to a friend
  • When viewing the ticket(s) on your phone you can opt to download to your digital wallet